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Brushwork By Bri

Squid Mini Cone

$34.99 USD
Squid Mini Cone


This charming miniature cone is just what you need if you hate sponges & stars, but love your own company (or the company of a distinguished squid.)

Cone is made from durable plastic while Squid’s nose is hand sculpted with polymer clay & attached with super glue. Both pieces are evenly painted then coated with a protective matt sealant to ensure paint does not chip.

Buy any 2 Mini Cones and receive a FREE Krusty Karb employee hat!

-MEDIUM: Acrylic
-WEIGHT: 1.31oz

-1-3 Week turnaround as they are each made to order, but will typically ship out sooner!
-Once shipped, first class shipping takes 2-5 days to arrive

-Each artwork is hand made to order and may very slightly between clay mold and or paint placement
-Once order is placed, sadly there are no refunds